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"Tell me more, tell me more"

Our 2017 Programme

During the Expo, different businesses and organisations hosted sessions that you could participate in. Some were hands-on, while others were more information based, with speakers sharing their experiences, tips, highlights and ways for grinding through when the going gets tough out there on the bike. 2018 will be no different, here's a taste from 2017 to show you what you can expect.


Saturday 13 & Sunday 14

October 2018

10:30am – 4:30ishpm daily

Air Force Museum of NZ

45 Harvard Ave, Wigram


Entry into sessions

Sessions are all free of charge, but there's limited space in the speakers area, so arrive early if you don't want to risk missing out.


Here's what happened in 2017

We'll update this with 2018 information once it's been confirmed.

Cyclocross Race – CX at the Ex

Race Manager – Mike Molony

9:30am–12pm Saturday 28 October

Register online or on the day

9:30am Sign-in and collect race number

10:00–10:40 Give-it-a-go Grade (all riders and bike types welcome)

11:00–11:45am A/B Mixed Grade

Spot prizes


Fulton Hogan – Chloe Smith


10:30–11:00am Saturday 28 October

Bikescout, an automated radar system, identifies the speed and location of cyclists and warns approaching motorists via LED flashing lights. This just-in-time warning system, has already proven successful in the Netherlands and has now been installed in Wellington. We will share the success of this installation and how it could be used in other cities at high risk sites. We'll also touch on other innovative products and systems that are market leading, providing improved safety and efficiency.

Life on the Road with Cycling NZ

Cycling New Zealand – Linda Villumsen (TBC)

11:15–11:45am Saturday 28 October

Linda is fresh home from cycling at the World Road Championships. She will have a Q & A segment, share some insights and talk about life cycling on the big stage.

Electric bikes and conversions

Action Bicycle Club – Ken Ching & Charlotte Bebbington


12:00–12:30pm Saturday 28 October

Ken will tell you what to look out for when selecting an electric bike. He'll also give you some information about converting a standard bike into an electric bike.

Guided mountain bike tours in Colorado

Tour de Force Biking – Scotti Andrews


12:45–1:15pm Saturday 28 October

Scotti will talk about the tours they offer, and how to prepare for an international bike holiday at altitude. This will include training tips and a Q & A session so that you will know what to expect.

Racing on the world stage

Cycling New Zealand – Anton Cooper


1:30–2:00pm Saturday 28 October

Q & A segment where Anton will share his experiences mountain biking on the world circuit, and what it's like through the eyes of a Cantabrian. You won't want to miss this one!

The 'Where', 'What', 'How' of Bicycle Adventuring 

Studio Zedd – Harm Zuidmeer


2:15–2:45pm Saturday 28 October

Harm will walk you through the three basics... 'Where' are you going? Distance and duration of your ride. 'What' will you need? Everyone has different priorities on what they want and need to take. 'Where' are you going to stash everything. Your bike is your carry frame. There are tons of ways to stash your gear, what's best for you?


IronMaori – Heather Skipworth


3:00–3:30pm Saturday 28 October

Heather will tell you about the IronMaori event, and what it means to be part of the IronMaori whanau.

E-biking 101

Bike It Now! – Duncan Randall


3:45–4:15pm Saturday 28 October

Kathryn will give a general overview of e-cycling from the perspective of an experienced bike shop owner and tour operator.

Criterium Races

Race Manager – Jake Rowse

9:30am–12:30pm Sunday 29 October

Register online or on the day

9:30am Sign-in and collect race number

10:00am U17 boys & girls, 20 mins + 3 laps

10:45am Open & B Grade Women, 20 mins + 3 laps

11:30am Open Men, 30 mins + 3 laps

Spot prizes

Ride Leader programme

Cycling New Zealand – Chris Foggin


10:30–11:00am Sunday 29 October

Learn about coaches and ride leader programmes being run throughout NZ.

Tsinova "The Electric Bike with a Brain"

Ebenz – Neal Cubis


11:10–11:40am Sunday 29 October

Tsinova was recently voted in the Top5 innovations in electric bikes .These bikes are controlled via Bluetooth and have 2hour recharge with ranges up to 120km.

Christchurch Adventure Park

Christchurch Adventure Park – Nick Dwan


11:50–12:20pm Sunday 29 October

Details to be confirmed.

Extend your rides with TrackMe NZL & The Flahute

Spot NZ & The Flahute – Tony Glentworth & Shailer Hart


12:30–1:00pm Sunday 29 October

Tony and Shailer will run through how you can ensure your safety on long and remote rides, and share tips on setting up your bike packing adventure.

What and who's behind Rikonda e-bikes?

i-Cycle Electric – Riki Foulsham


1:10–1:40am Sunday 29 October

Riki will give you the low-down on Rikonda e-bikes, components, models, what to look for when purchasing, why an e-bike, the benefits and other insightful information. If you're considering buying an e-bike, this will be an invaluable session.

Biomaxa and the art of bicycle and bicyclist maintenance

Biomaxa – David Lovegrove


1:50–2:20pm Sunday 29 October

David is going to do two mini talks within the session – one on the use of chamois cream, and will (hopefully) get one or two of our sponsored riders to share their views and experience. The second will be about chain lube – and why it can make all the difference in the race  environment, as well as being petrochemical free and good for the urban cyclist and the environment.

Welcome Rock

Welcome Rock Trails – Tom O'Brian


2:30–3:00pm Sunday 29 October

Welcome Rock Trails is a  hand built cross country, sub alpine hiking and biking trail with accommodation near Queenstown. With historical gold mining and ecological interpretation, on private farm land, Welcome Rock is a recommended area for protection under DOC covenant and by order of Heritage NZ.

200 years of the bicycle and counting

Cycle Trading Company – Keith Guthrie


3:10–3:40pm Sunday 29 October

Keith will talk about the history of cycling, the milestones in the development and redevelopment of the bicycle.

Christchurch's Major Cycle Routes: what's achieved and what's being planned

Christchurch City Council – Brendan Bisley


3:50–4:20pm Sunday 29 October

Brendan will walk you through the MCR programme, and highlight what has been achieved, the difficulties of building them within existing corridors and trying to balance the needs of all users, what is open and what is planned.

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